Westside Regional Source Control Program

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Regional District Central Okanagan

Project Description:

The aim of this project is to educate the users of the Westside Wastewater Treatment collection system and to bring awareness to the proper use of this infrastructure. Eliminating or at least reducing the improper disposal of high organic wastestreams, non-flushable products, toxic and emerging substances (pharmaceuticals) into the wastewater collection system. The consequences of these contaminates entering the wastewater treatment system can be detrimental to the process. Excess organic loading or BOD can interfere, or even completely stop the biological process, leading to toxic volumes of BOD, Phosphorus (PO4) and Nitrogen (TN) entering Okanagan Lake. Non flushable products can clog pumps and inhibit mechanical processes that can also lead to process upsets and the improper disposal of pharmaceuticals all further lead to detrimental impacts to Okanagan Lake.

Through education the industrial, commercial and residential users of the collection system will be made aware and guided in the proper disposal procedures of these various products. Project successes will be measured by the quality of the effluent leaving the wastewater treatment facility. By eliminating these contaminants from the wastewater collection system, BOD, Phosphorus and Total Nitrogen removal efficiencies at the wastewater treatment facility will increase. By improving the quality of wastewater entering the wastewater treatment facility, we will improve the quality of the effluent leaving the treatment facility and entering Okanagan Lake.

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