Wireless Control of Reservoir using Solar Power and Flow Meter Installation (2 Grants)

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Steele Springs Waterworks

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With their remote reservoir 2.3 kilometers away from their pump house, the Steele Springs Waterworks District decided to use wireless radio communication between the two locations to eliminate overflow of the reservoir. Solar panels and a storage battery system were chosen to power the radio transmitter at the reservoir due to its distance from the nearest power grid source. Transmissions are sent to a receiver at the pump house where the pumps are controlled. The flow of the springs over the dam near the pump house will be measured on a regular basis to establish how much water is being used by the utility compared to how much is being conserved. With these changes more water will flow into the ecosystem rather than being diverted to a reservoir as the spring water will follow its natural course to Deep Creek and into Okanagan Lake. The installation of a flow meter also allows Steele Springs to continually monitor water use of the springs so that over consumption or major leaks can be detected and dealt with quickly. This will allow the maximum amount of water possible to flow to its natural destination, the Deep Creek. Steele Springs' is the only natural water discharge system from the Hullcar Aquifer # 103 to the Okanagan Lake ecosystem. It has a uniform flow all year. 15 to 20% of this water is drawn for the water system. By constantly measuring with the flow meter and recording, data can be compared day by day up to year by year so that unusual flows will be detected early.

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