Art highlights conservation

April 2, 2021

Castanet – April 2, 2021

One Penticton artist is hoping to create a conversation around the Okanagan’s lakes with her latest show.

Lyse Deselliers wakes up every morning to see Skaha Lake out of her window.

“The lake I’ve been painting since I’ve moved here,” Deselliers said.

As a previous wildlife veterinarian, conservation is an important topic for her and a big inspiration for her work.

“Reading more about conservation efforts that are being done and I thought ‘Wow that would be a great show.’ I like to have a theme when I have a solo show,” she explained.

“It’s good to talk about our wonderful lakes and the myth of abundance.”

Deselliers spent time for the show not only working on the paintings, but interviewing conservationists and experts on the matter to share insight on work being done and the data collected.

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