Grants – Overview

The financial structure of the Okanagan Basin Water Board promotes the sharing of resources to move forward on projects that are of high priority and … Read more

Water Quality Improvement

In the 1960s, the Okanagan had water pollution problems – poorly treated sewage effluent released into the lake, runoff from cattle yards, and organo-phosphate/lead-arsenate insecticides … Read more

History of the SFA Program

Visitors to the Okanagan are always impressed by the clear blue water of our valley lakes, but 40 years ago, lakeshore residents were selling their … Read more

Terms of Reference

Preamble The Okanagan Basin Study completed in 1974 identified increasing nutrient pollution as the cause of algal blooms and other signs of deteriorating water quality … Read more

Sewage Facilities Assistance

One of the Okanagan Basin Water Board’s oldest programs, for more than 40 years sewage facilities grants have helped Okanagan communities make dramatic reductions in … Read more