Invasive Mussel Prevention Program (3 Grants)

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WCQI Grant:


Okanagan and Similkameen Invasive species Society

Project Description:

In 2013, OASISS developed a targeted education campaign that focused on preventing the spread of invasive mussels and other aquatic invasive species into the Okanagan. Part of this project was to hire two summer students to develop and circulate information to recreational boaters that included how to identify mussels and other AIS, where to report sightings and how to avoid their transportation between aquatic ecosystems. Outreach materials were developed through this project in collaboration with the OBWB’s Don’t Move A Mussel program, and with the Invasive Species Council of BC’s Clean, Drain, Dry program. These messages were delivered to yacht clubs, retail outlets, boat rental facilities, boat shows and community events, as well as in several media sources through press releases and interviews. More information can be found at: oassis.ca_ais

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