Powers Creek Source Water Protection Planning

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Westbank Irrigation District

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The Westbank Irrigation District (WID) aimed to build on its strength of providing safe water to its community through the Powers Creek Source Protection Plan. The intent of this project was to gain a greater understanding of the risk factors to the Powers Creek water source that may exist as a result of the variety of land uses in the watershed with consideration of the potential risks associated with the effects of the Mountain Pine Beetle. The final plan was also intended to address the Interior Health Authority condition on the WID Operating Permit that requires a Source Protection Plan for its source area. Stream road crossings as well as road sections adjacent to streams were identified and many of those locations were assessed in detail. Recreational and industrial areas were also assessed, as was the majority of the road system travelled between stream crossing locations. The risks from source to tap were characterized and categorized, and recommendations were outlined that would reduce source drinking water risks where identified.

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