Swan Lake Flood Mapping Project

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Regional District North Okanagan

Project Description:

This involved floodplain mapping to provide an improved understanding of flood flows, facilitating better planning and flood management for public safety. This study also assisted with the operations with the Swan Lake weir. The water level of Swan Lake is set to support conservation of valued wildlife habitat, provide flows to BX and Vernon Creek during low flows and provide flood mitigation during high flow times (i.e. freshet). This work has the added benefit of supporting habitat conservation as the weir helps to support one of the largest urban Great Blue Heron rookeries in western Canada.

A consultant was engaged to complete the collection and analysis of hydrologic information. Mapping was completed along with a report that has been provided to the stakeholders involved with managing the weir: City of Vernon, Ministry of Forest, Lands, and Natural Resources, and the Regional District of North Okanagan. The successful completion of this work has provided these stakeholders better knowledge with which to manage the weir and address public safety and wildlife habitat concerns.

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