Boost Your Soil, Save Water

February 25, 2021

Kelowna , B.C. – Here’s your chance to cut your garbage in half and save water. Do your yard a big favor this coming gardening season with a new backyard composter, green cone, rain barrel, or consider all three!

“Backyard composting is rewarding, resourceful, and easy!” says Waste Reduction Facilitator Rae Stewart with the Regional District of Central Okanagan’s Waste Reduction Office. “You can’t beat the satisfaction of making your own useful soil enhancer for your garden, all from kitchen scraps and green matter from your yard, material you would otherwise just toss away!”

Stewart adds almost half of household waste is easily compostable. “If you compost and recycle you could be putting as little as one or two grocery bags worth of garbage out for collection a week. That’s far less taxing on our one remaining landfill. By adding nutrient rich compost to your garden, it acts like a super booster for your soil– more robust fruits and veggies, greener lawn, healthier flowers and shrubs.”

The Regional Waste Reduction Office’s annual sale features backyard composters for $37 (tax included), a big savings from the regular $80 retail price. It’s a pre-order sale only though, with limited supply of 300 available, limit two per household. The pre-order sale runs March 1st through March 31st, with compost and rain barrel units delivered directly to your home in late April in time for gardening season.

An additional option this year, the Green Cone Food Digester. The Green Cone is a great compliment to a backyard composter as it takes all the other types of food waste that can’t be put into a regular composter such as meats, bones, grains, dairy and cooked food. They can even handle small amounts of dog waste too. Green Cones can also be pre-ordered starting March 1st for $128 (tax included) with a limited supply of 75 available.

And, back by popular demand, rain barrels will also be available for $80 each – a great cost savings to the regular $120 retail price. Corinne Jackson, Communications Director for the Okanagan Basin Water Board and its Okanagan WaterWise program, says they’re pleased to be partnering with Waste Reduction and expect the rain barrels to go quickly. Only 200 will be available with a limit of two per household.

“There are lots of benefits to collecting rain water for use in your yard,” Jackson explained. “Rain water is a great source of soft, fresh, untreated water for your plants. A rain barrel can also help save you money by limiting the amount of metered tap water you use on your garden.”

Stormwater pollution is also a growing concern, Jackson added. “By collecting rainwater from your roof, you limit run-off from your yard and help prevent contaminants from washing into our storm drains and ultimately into local streams and lakes. This means better drinking water, and better water for fish and everything else that depends on clean water.”

For details on the composter-rain barrel sale, to place your order, view your payment options-including online payment, or simply find out more about how to compost or build your own rain barrel, visit or call the Regional Waste Reduction Office at 250.469.6250.

For more info contact:
Rae Stewart, RDCO Waste Reduction Facilitator, 250.469.6250
Corinne Jackson, OBWB Communications Director, 250-469-6271, cell 250-718-7249

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