Local youths team up for water

October 17, 2008

Kelowna’s youth is now getting involved with the city to tackle water conservation.

High school students will be completing water logs and activities to determine the community’s habits when it comes to water useage.

17 year old Shane Hickey from Mount Boucherie Secondary tells us why he was so eager to get onboard. “Students don’t really get that much of a chance to affect change, especially in the cities and governments. This is a huge opportunity for students to say things and be heard by city representatives and actually affect change immediately.”

Rachael Price, a 16 year old student at KCS, says all their research will come together at the Mayor’s Youth Forum in early November. She tells us, “We will talk about some of the information we found and about ideas like career jobs and about the water useage and how much we use it in our houses and outside of our houses.”

All that information will be used by the Okanagan Basin Water Board to identify barriers to water conservation.