Province aims to protect Okanagan waterways

April 7, 2015

Penticton Western News – April 7, 2015

The provincial government is taking aim at invasive mussels with a $1.3million
boost for programs that focus on early detection and rapid response.

Through this program, teams will inspect and, if necessary, decontaminate boats entering B.C. from Alberta. They also will respond to boats from the U.S. identified as a concern by the Canadian Border Services Agency, as well as U.S. partner agencies.

In an announcement made in Kelowna last week by Environment Minister Mary Pollack, she said B.C. will work with a number of partners to keep zebra and quagga mussels out of the provincial waters, including Alberta and Washington, and the federal government, as well as the Canadian Border Security Agency and corporations like B.C. Hydro.

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