N’Soosoolowx Watershed Corridor Improvement

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Sqilxw Apna Society

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N’Sisooloxw creek is a year round source water feeding the Okanagan Lake near the Head of the Lake. The creek has a number of origins, fluctuating due to snow melt, highland lake levels, active springs and human activity. In the recent past, the creek housed the water supply for a portion of the Okanagan Indian Band Reserve No. 1 (OKIB), and still houses underground water storage tanks and a medley of traditional and modern use sites up the 3 kilometers to the crown land closer to the peak of the mountains. This project used significant community engagement to restore and gather data on a lower section of the creek, and to record and use knowledge from community elders about what the creek was like in the past. The Sqilxw Apna Society hopes to continue this work in the future.

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