Okanagan company first to privately tackle milfoil removal

InfoNews.ca – August 13, 2019

Private enterprise has taken up the quest to rid Okanagan lakes of a pesky invasive species.

Trueshore Aquatic Milfoil Harvesting Services is picking up where government-sponsored milfoil harvesting leaves off, by making their services available to private landowners.

Lia Harris, one of five co-owners of the Osoyoos based company, says she believes it’s the first and only private milfoil harvester in the valley.

The company is in its first year, and has just completed an onerous permitting process to allow them to work on Osoyoos Lake. Harris hopes they can prove themselves and find easier access to permitting that will ultimately allow them to work on other lakes up and down the valley.

“It’s been a big undertaking. We definitely want to expand if there is demand, maybe next season,” she says, adding the company has received inquiries from other lakes. The company is also finding as word gets around business is increasing, with a waiting list already started for next year’s customers.

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