Water Supply & Demand Project


The groundwater studies undertaken during Phase 2 are summarized in Section 7.0 (921Kb PDF).

Because of minimal regulation of groundwater use, there is relatively little information on the hydrogeology and groundwater resources of the Okanagan Basin.

A conceptual model of groundwater storage and flow was developed, in which most of the groundwater activity takes place in 79 distinct shallow unconsolidated aquifers, located primarily along the lower elevation valley bottoms.

Estimates of groundwater discharge to Okanagan Lake vary over a wide range, which reflects the uncertainty and relative absence of information needed to make these estimates.

Additional hydrogeological characterization should be completed, and more data on groundwater extraction and on surface/groundwater interactions should be obtained. This information is needed to more adequately understand Okanagan groundwater resources.

Groundwater use should be regulated using the same system used to regulate surface water.

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