Okanagan Water Allocation Tool

Okanagan Water Allocation Tool Report (1.5Mb PDF)
In partnership with B.C. Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations (MFLNRO), OBWB commissioned this report to develop a plan for an Okanagan water allocation tool, known as the OWAT. The primary purpose of the tool is to support water licence decisions made by MFLNRO.

Decisions regarding licence approval (with or without conditions) or licence refusal are currently made using guidelines and policies that were last updated in the 1990s.

The new Water Sustainability Act legislation and continued the pressure on water resources in the valley fuel the need for a more sophisticated, scientifically based and transparent decision support tool.

The overall objective of this project was to review existing Okanagan data and models to determine how they can best be used to create an effective decision support tool for water licensing in the Okanagan, and to identify tasks required to develop the tool.

  • Okanagan Water Allocation Tool Report (1.5Mb PDF)